Neutral by Tricia Strickfaden
The Arc of All Things by Joanne Beaule Ruggles
Three Boulders by Ellen Churchill-Plantevin
Graphite Urn by Carol Paquet
Sisters by Sarah Winkler
Lamina by Daniel Phill
Storm (2)  by Sheryl Daane
Road Up by Bruce Everett
Telling Lines by Daniel Phill
Surrender by Scott McMillin

Collaboration, Connection, & Community

Our contemporary art gallery strives to promote collaboration and dialogue between artists and collectors. We offer comprehensive residential, hospitality and corporate art consulting to individuals, architects and design professionals and local events to meet artists in person. With an exceptional selection of original paintings, digital art, and sculpture EDNA Contemporary specializes in customized art programs that reflect the individual tastes and budgets of their clientele. 

Our services include complimentary in-home and in-office curating, framing, commissioning custom artwork, and complimentary delivery & installation. Contact us at to schedule a consultation at your home or office or to schedule a private viewing at our San Luis Obispo or Montecito locations.