Padang Bai I by Danielle Eubank
Don't be Afraid of the Dark by Ann Marie Auricchio
His Escape by Scott Yeskel
Storm (2)  by Sheryl Daane
Shadow and Light by Brooks Anderson
Aspen Fields by Michael  Kessler
Mirador by Françoise LeClerc
Seaglass 48 by Thea Schrack
Reflection 30 by Gioi Tran
Swirl by Glynis Chaffin-Tinglof

Based on the Central Coast of California EDNA Contemporary showcases artwork by exceptional emerging to established artists. We work with private collectors, interior designers, and architects to source and commission artwork for public and private spaces. We enjoy working on large and small projects. Now open downtown San Luis Obispo Thursday through Sunday afternoons and by appointment.