Olive and Tangerine by Tricia Strickfaden
Malachite (1) by Sheryl Daane
Depending on your State of Mind it Could Go Either Way by David Limrite
What Goes on in That head of Yours by David Limrite
Eclipse Series by Yossi Ben Abu
Freida by Ruth  Crowe
Converse by Yossi Ben Abu
Too Much by Joanne Beaule Ruggles
Storm (2)  by Sheryl Daane
Storm Warning by Ruth  Crowe

Collaboration, Connection, & Community

Our contemporary art gallery strives to promote collaboration and dialogue between artists and collectors. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, architect or designer EDNA Contemporary can help find art that speaks to you. We believe fine art can foster systems of interdependence and support, and we donate a portion of all sales from bimonthly events to local organizations.