Byspel by Daniel Phill
Freefall by Joanne Beaule Ruggles
California, Point Lobos by Julie  Brookman
Off the Line by Tricia Strickfaden
Sand and Sky by Shawna Moore
Odalisque by Michelle Gregor
Dance Til Dawn by Suzie Buchholz
Whot Would Have Thought it by Tim Rice
Palm Desert by Scott Yeskel
Shira  by Susan Friedman

EDNA Contemporary Gallery reconsiders how art maker and art collector connects. Whenever possible we introduce our artists to the people who love their work. We believe this personal connection makes the process more intimate for everyone involved.

We work with private collectors, interior designers, and architects to source and commission artwork for public and private spaces. We enjoy working on large and small projects. Open by appointment and for special events.