Sundown Bishop's Peak by Sarah Winkler
Shira  by Susan Friedman
Tidepools 28 x 70 by Michael  Kessler
Too Much by Joanne Beaule Ruggles
East Coast Boogie by Suzie Buchholz
SeaGlass 27 by Thea Schrack
Iris 1 by Ellen Churchill-Plantevin
Pond  by Gioi Tran
Reflection 30 by Gioi Tran
Gradient, Blue Orange by Yossi Ben Abu

EDNA Contemporary Gallery reconsiders how art maker and art collector connects. Whenever possible we introduce our artists to the people who love their work. We believe this personal connection makes the process more intimate for everyone involved.

We work with private collectors, interior designers, and architects to source and commission artwork for public and private spaces. We enjoy working on large and small projects. Open by appointment and for special events.